AIDA formula for sales messages

This assignment is based on an actual sales letter sent out by a small local franchisee. Your job is to rewrite and reformat the letter to make it a much stronger letter. Follow the AIDA formula for sales messages to persuade the reader.

Imagine that you are the owner of this business and write the letter from that perspective.

Do not just copy and paste the sentences and/or paragraphs from the original.

This is a very poorly written letter and needs a lot of revision!

It is not a properly formatted letter and contains many writing errors of various kinds.

You can add or take out ideas and information to create the perfect letter.Your finished product should look professional and attractive.

There should be two pages in your assignment when you are done.


Page 1 (Use the MLA paper format heading for this part of the assignment):

Read the letter and write down exactly how you will apply the AIDA formula to the letter. In other words, how will you persuade the reader to act on your suggestions when they finish the letter?


1.What will you do to gain the reader’s attention?

2.How will you interest the reader in what you have to say? Are they

going to be more likely to be intrigued by an emotional appeal or a price appeal? Why?

3.What is mostly likely to create a desire to act in the reader? Why should

they want what you are offering?

  • What specific action do you want the reader to take? How will you motivate them to do so?


Page 2:

1.Rewrite the letter using AIDA formula for sales messages (attention, interest, desire, action). This will be a harder job – you will need to be creative and think about the goals of the letter and the way to persuade the reader. You also may want to research the company online to get more ideas for persuasion. Think about the benefits to the reader and use those to persuade.

2.For the actual format of the letter(this is not an email) choose the Block or Modified Block letter format (see Appendix in the book for examples). Create a letterhead, and then follow the correct format for a letter.

Remember there needs to be at least 3 paragraphs.

Make up a name and address for the letter recipient; you are sending these to former Curves members.

3.Write and sign the letter with you as the owner


My name is Marjorie young and I am the former owner of Curves in Lake Oswego and Curves of Woodburn. I recently purchased the West Linn Curves and am very excited to reach out to you as a former member of Curves in West Linn.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of Curves. I strongly embrace the concept of strengthening women and work diligently to help women achieve fitness goals. As a former member, I know you had your own personal fitness goals when you joined Curves. I want to encourage you to consider those goals again and let Curves help you be successful in this endeavor.

At Curves in West Linn, you will find friendly, knowledgeable staff waiting to help you, every time you work out. It is my personal goal to provide you with the tools to help you meet your fitness goals, whatever they may be. We have a variety of programs, including Curves Complete-the only program that includes exercise, meal plans and coaching all in one place. If you simply want to stay healthy and fit, our new circuit is the place. Curves is now offering Jillian Michaels, classes to bump up your workout and we also offer Zumba classes that are fun and energetic.

Since purchasing the club on January 1, 2014, we have remodeled the club and our members are enjoying the open, bright, airy space. We want to reach out to you and encourage you to rejoin Curves today. It’s a new year and it is time to get started on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

We are offering a SPECIAL REJOINING RATE to former members. Normally, we have a service fee of 99.00 dollars. We are waiving that service fee for former members. To take advantage of this offer, bring this letter, containing this special offer.

I look forward to working with you in the new year. Together we can make 2014, the best ever. My phone number is 503–635-3410 and our address is 19129 Willamette Drive West Linn, OR.

Sincerely, Marjorie Young Curves West Linn, Owner



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