: Active and passive range of motion in knee and hip


Students will write a 2000 word scientific laboratory report individually on the topic presented and the data collected within the practical sessions. The maximum allowable word count for this assessment is 2000 words. The module tutor will stop marking when this limit is exceeded and any work after this point will not contribute to your overall grade. This may have implications for the final grade you receive.
Provide a concise title for your report; the title should show intent rather than be structured as a question.
The introduction will provide the reader with an overview of the fundamental theories from the area that is under investigation; this will typically begin with the dominant physiological theories, it will then document why the study is being undertaken and end with the aims of the study. Previous research and normative data were available should be integrated into the introduction to support the rationale and substantiate claims as long as it is referenced appropriately using the Harvard style.
The method will detail information about the participants, ethical considerations, procedures and data analysis that were used in the investigation. The method must be replicable, be written in third person and in the past tense, as you will have already conducted the experiment.
Raw data will be available on Blackboard, in excel you should use graphs and tables to present Means ± Standard Deviations for each of the dependent variables in a hierarchy of importance. The results section will state what has happened, it is purely descriptive and will be supported by graphs that should be introduced in the text and titled appropriately in the order that they are presented (Figure 1, Table 1 etc).
In the discussion you will demonstrate your ability to interpret and explain (ideally with reference to literature provided in the introduction) why something has happened. If heart rate has increased rather than stating the change (which would be repetition of the results section) you need to say that heart rate increased because of X, the reasons behind why the heart rate has increased and whether this is to be expected when comparing your results to literature. Your results may agree or disagree with the previous research; both are equally valid and require discussion and explanation. You can identify limitations (this does not include errors when collecting data) and provide clinical applicability within this section.
A summary of the report with the key finding(s) presented concisely.
NB Students are reminded that they must back up their work. Technical failure (viruses, corrupted data sticks, power failures etc.) are not covered by Mitigating Circumstances.


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