Achievements of earlier Mesoamerican cultures

  1. How did early peoples in the Americas adapt to their environment as they created technologies of food production and economics systems?
  1. How did the Aztecs build on the achievements of earlier Mesoamerican cultures,and develop new traditions to create their large empire?
  1. How did the people of Mesoamerican and North American develop prosperous and stable societies in the classical era?
  1. What were the physical, social, and intellectual features of early societies in the Americas?
  1. What were the sources of strength, prosperity, and problems for the Incas in creating their enormous empire?
  1. What aspects of nomadic life gave the nomads of Central Asia military advantages over nearby settled civilizations?
  1. How did Chinggis Khan and his successors conquer most of Eurasia, and how did the Mongol conquests change the affected regions?
  1. How did the Mongol conquests facilitate the spread of ideas, religions, inventions, and diseases?
  1. What was the result of India’s encounters with Turks, Mongols, and Islamic society?

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