A programmable Dual-RNA- guided DNA endonuclease in adaptive bacterial immunity

Given a scientific paper, one should be able to dissect the meaning of the research, and the potential impact that results presented in the paper will have on the scientific discipline. this type if dissection takes practice as the aims and contribution are not always apparent. using this website, this article must be used to answer the questions at the bottom.

in the review and critique of the paper, you should be able to answer the following questions:
why was this study undertaken?
what was known at the time that is was published?
what was the question being addressed?
how was it addressed, and what were the results?
are the results sufficient for the author stated conclusions, and why or why not?
how might you improve on the study?

also, if you were a granting agency, and the authors approached you for the money for the next phase of research, how would you articulate the next steps with them?
1- what questions would you address next and how?
2- what answers would you expect and why?
3-what would these results mean?
4-how would these experiments contribute to the field of molecular biology(i.e. why should you be awarded money to carry out your proposal?)

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