A play response

This is a student production of the twelfth night. I never went there but I think the play should be similar to these twelfth night plays on TV. Just pretend you went to this play and write an essay around 300 words about this play by answering these questions:
The type of performance witnessed: a full play production or a reading? Dance performance? Experimental theatre? Improvised performance?
What is this performance about? What was the central thesis of the production? (You do NOT need to give us the whole plot). In other words, what do you think the piece was arguing or advocating? (There is no right or wrong answer as long as you can provide evidence from the play to form the basis of your argument.)
How does this play work (or not!)?What aspects of production (costumes, lighting, set design, sound design, audience interaction) connect to the production’s goal and helped to tell the story? Do not merely state these aspects. Instead, state what you think was responsible for these choices and its overall effect on the production. There might be many points to argue and you do not need to state all of them. Choose one or two and spend time justifying your choices.
What are the larger social, political, historical, or aesthetic implications of this production?What do you take away as an audience member?Why do you think this play is relevant to these times?



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