A history of modern Africa 1800 to the present

1.manning refuses Thornton’s �supply-side hypothesis � for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Explain Thornton’s thesis and Manning’s critique, including his evidence and logic for refuting Thornton.
2.Manning uses the concept of�An Expanding World � to describe how the Old World Diaspora engages and colonizes the Americas. Explain Manning’s analysis of how this �Expanding World �and the New World Diaspora impacts African social groups and empires.
3.Rodney argues that Africa is cut off from the internationalized system of trade that arises in the 15th and 16th century.Manning’s thesis is opposed to this :Africans were deeply embedded in social, economic , and political developments of the �Old World � and forefront of the political economic development once the Amreicas are incorporated. Compare and contrast Rodney’s and Manning’s thesis on Africa participation and role in global trade and commerce.discuss which analysis you believe is stronger and explain your reasoning.
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