a child’s intellectual growth.

Four pages in Word format, double-spaced APA format, some citations.


Part A


Choose to put yourself in the role of a kindergarten, first grade or second grade teacher. Select three (3) books of children’s literature that you have discovered and believe are high quality and age appropriate. Describe two (2) ways that each of these books might support a child’s intellectual growth. List one (1) common core standard that each book could be used to support.


Part B


Choose three (3) picture books that promote prosocial behavior. Then, describe three (3) different situations or questions that you could then share with the children in which you give a setting and a problem and ask the children what they could or would do to help.


Part C


Select three (3) picture books that lend themselves to interpretation through music or movement. Then, summarize the books you chose to use. Describe two (2) music or movement activities that you would use to engage children in as follow up activities to each book.


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