21 cent week 3 assign

Imagine that the president of Grand City University is considering recommendation of a competency-based learning program. A committee including faculty members and administrators has done extensive research and conducted a pilot program about implementing competency-based courses for several of the health science programs. These new programs would cover post-baccalaureate coursework that are prerequisite content for admission to graduate programs, including nursing and pharmacy. The president needs to make a decision about whether to approach the legislature for funds for this program and has asked you to prepare a paper examining the issue.

To prepare:
Research colleges or universities that have adopted one or more competency-based programs.
Research that institution’s mission.
Consider how the competency-based program supports the institution’s misson:

Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you do the following:
Identify the university that has adopted a competency-based program.

Analyze the institution’s mission and whether or not it supports competency-based learning.

Considering Grand City University:
Make a case for or against the competency-based model at Grand City University.
Explain to legislators the benefits or the possible drawbacks.
Identify 2–3 differences in costs for competency-based learning compared to a traditional course.
Your paper should be written in a scholarly tone with APA formatting


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