HLT 500: Health Care Research Methods, Analysis and Utilization

This course introduces the concepts and methods of research in the health care field. The students will learn how to use decision-analysis software to evaluate health care services. In addition, the students will complete case studies to learn how to perform their own analyses. This class is designed for students in graduate courses in all health disciplines. In addition, the textbook includes eBook Access to make it easy to download and read the text offline.

The course includes research methods that assess the economic and political environment of health care. The focus is on the role of healthcare organizations and the financing of health care services. The course also covers issues related to quality, access, and cost of health care. Ultimately, the course aims to improve health care services and the quality of the country’s health care. This course is an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a PhD in public health.

The course’s primary focus is to understand the structure, processes, and organization of health services. It also examines how people use these services. It focuses on evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of health care systems. The course teaches students to apply the principles of mixed-methods research to a real-world situation. This is a critical component of public health. However, students must carefully select a topic before beginning their project.

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