HCA 620: Community Health Program (CHP)

A Community Health Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to train community health workers and advocates to improve the quality of life for the community. Students will learn about community health needs and programs, public health policies and practices, and health promotion and disease prevention. Moreover, they will learn about the biological and social causes of disease, and how to effectively communicate these concepts to the community. The goal of these community health centers is to improve the quality of life and the overall state of the local communities.

Community health is defined as a broad field encompassing public and private efforts to promote the well-being of communities. It is a subset of public health, which is focused on optimizing health for broader populations. Ultimately, community health programs should reduce overall health care costs by keeping patients healthier and out of the doctor’s office and hospital. Unfortunately, there is very little research about the effectiveness of community health programs. As a result, community health organizations are often part of multisector coalitions that seek to improve specific communitywide health outcomes.

Community health is a specialized field that focuses on the needs of all residents in a particular area. In contrast, health promotion focuses on teaching specialized groups how to improve their own health and the health of their families. As a result, a Community-Based Health Program is crucial to improving the overall condition of the community. A community health program may focus on one or more of these areas, or may focus on a single area of health.

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