Proposal Writing

Research proposal writing should be a persuasive presentation of the proposed study. It should make the reader understand the importance of the proposed study and its impact on the field. While drafting the proposal, it is important to mention the limitations of the study. The limitations should be justified by the time and money constraints, early stage of the field, and the nature of the subject. The research proposal should provide appropriate context, delineate the boundaries, and present contributions of other researchers. It should remain focused on the research question.

The context section should explain the research topic to the reader. It should give context to the topic of the study. It should highlight the importance of the study, and present mainstream information and solutions. It may require various sections. In addition, the context section should be well-organized and logical. Once it is complete, it will be submitted for review by the review committee. The following are some steps that should be included in a research proposal:

The introduction. The introduction should provide context and background on the research problem. This section is one of the most crucial parts of writing a proposal. The reader should have a clear picture of the problem or question that the research will address. It should include relevant background information on the topic of interest. After that, the methodology section should include the methods used to investigate the question. It may include questionnaires, huis, focus groups, surveys, and interviews.